Personal Space Weather Station Central Control and Database System

TitlePersonal Space Weather Station Central Control and Database System
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Conference2023
AuthorsLiddle, AB, Muscalino, N, Engleke, WD, Atkison, T
Conference NameHamSCI Workshop 2023
Date Published03/2023
Conference LocationScranton, PA

As part of the Personal Space Weather Station (PSWS) project, our team has been developing the Central Control System and Central Database System that will be used to collect and store the data generated by the stations. The Central Control System functionality is being developed using Django, a Python based web framework. It is used to define how users will interact with the web server where their collected data will be uploaded, organized, and analyzed. It is also used to define models for the data being collected and how it will be stored in the Central Database System. In the server’s current state, users can register accounts and stations as well as view lists of uploaded observations. Observation data can also be downloaded individually for analysis. The availability of the PSWS will allow a much larger sample of data to be collected daily. With this data, more accurate models of the ionosphere can be created, granting a better ability to predict how radio waves will be precisely affected by the ionosphere at any given moment and supporting ionospheric science.

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