HamSCI FoEIS Growing its Media Presence

HamSCI FoEIS Growing its Media Presence

WTVG television news coverage of hamsci solar eclipse event
Friday, October 27, 2023 - 07:53

The October, 2023 North American annular solar eclipse may be past, but media coverage of that event, an element of HamSCI's Festivals of Eclipse Ionospheric Science, will live on in a wide variety of informative features.  Magazines, websites, NASA produced videos, local and national news coverage tell the story of how HamSCI citizen scientists and researchers are contributing to science.

If you find yourself at a loss on how to explain what it is we do and why, check out the HamSCI FoEIS Media Hits page and find an article, YouTube video or website URL that you can copy and pass on to others.  Most of the coverage has been short, to the point and well illustrated, perfect for introducing HamSCI to friends and acquaintances.

Media 'hits' are happening on a regular basis, so the list is expected to grow throughout 2023 and 2024.  Many thanks to HamSCI members Ed WX2R, McKenzie KO4GLN, Bill K8TE, Gary AB4GH, Mary Lou KC2NMC, Ron KF7ZN, Stan KD1LE, Nick VE7DXR, Nathaniel W2NAF and others who have helped spread the word through authoring articles, podcast appearances, interviews, club meetings, social media posts, hamfest presentations and more.

(Screen image from 13 Action News, WTVG, Toledo, Ohio)