Festivals of Eclipse Ionospheric Science - Media Hits

Author Title / Link Media Month, Year
G. Mikitin Solar Eclipse QSO Party Solid Copy (The CW Operators Club newsletter) Feb, 2023
N. Rapp 2023 HamSCI Conference and the Solar Eclipse QSO Parties Ham Talk Live!  (podcast about amateur {ham} radio) Feb, 2023
NASA Ham Radio Operators, We Need Your Help During Solar Eclipses! NASA | Science News | Citizen Science Feb, 2023
Hackaday.com NASA Help Wanted:  Ham Radio Operators Please Apply hackaday.com (Fresh hacks everyday from around the Internet) Feb, 2023
K. Bolus Amateur Radio Workshop Coming to Scranton Radio Station WVIA / PBS / NPR, Scranton, PA Mar, 2023
C. Butler NASA and the HamSCI Solar Eclipse QSO Party ICQ Podcast Episode 398 (podcast for and by amateur {ham} radio operators) Mar, 2023
A. Norstrom Grape Version 2 at HamSCI Workshop 2023 American Radio Relay League YouTube Channel Mar, 2023