PSWS Ground Magnetometer Hardware

TitlePSWS Ground Magnetometer Hardware
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Conference2021
AuthorsMadey, J, Witten, II, D, Kim, H, Larsen, D, Cowling, SH, Frissell, NA
Conference NameHamSCI Workshop 2021
Date Published03/2021
Conference LocationScranton, PA (Virtual)

The path from candidate device for the magnetometer function of the PSWS to practical affordable working 24/7 data collection installations based on the low cost and readily available PNI RM3100 magneto-inductive sensor is discussed.  Initial support board design using i2c bus connection to the host Odroid or Raspberry Pi class microprocessors with support for remote extension of the sensor to at least 100 feet with common CAT5 networking cable will be described as well as the accompanying test and logging software.  Details of initial testing which revealed the need for temperature stabilization of the RM3100, verified remote operation to at least 500 feet, the subsequent design of an in-ground sensor housing made from common PVC water pipe and fittings and refinement of the microprocessor adapter board and remote board will be presented.

Refereed DesignationNon-Refereed
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