Measuring the Frequency Accuracy and Stability of WWV and WWVH

TitleMeasuring the Frequency Accuracy and Stability of WWV and WWVH
Publication TypeMagazine Article
Year of Publication2023
AuthorsLombardi, MA
Issue Number3
Date Published03/2023

Radio station WWV is known as a source of accurate time. However, since March 6, 1923, the original purpose of WWV has been to provide standard frequency signals, with signals broadcast in the LF and MF bands. As detailed in Hoy J. Walls’ “The Standard-Frequency Set at WWV” in the October 1924 issue of QST, this
was in the early days of broadcast radio, when having an accurate frequency reference was essential for keeping stations from interfering with each other. A century later, the standard frequency signals remain essential to radio broadcasters, calibration laboratories, space weather researchers, and radio amateurs.

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