Ham Radio 2.0 - Science, Service, Skill (Keynote Address)

TitleHam Radio 2.0 - Science, Service, Skill (Keynote Address)
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsH. Silver, W
Conference NameHamSCI Workshop 2019
Date Published03/2019
Conference LocationCleveland, OH

Amateur radio sits at the junction of technology, volunteerism, and craft.  Which of those doors by which you enter the world of ham radio - science, service, skill - colors your expectations and interests, often for life.  Yet the technical and demographic changes sweeping through society have not overlooked amateur radio.  The service faces many challenges to long-held traditions and assumptions.  What tools can we provide to not just meet the challenges but prosper, keeping amateur radio vibrant and enjoyable in order to develop our skills and support our fellow citizens, fulfilling our Basis and Purpose along the way?  Speaking from a technical background to a technical audience, we'll consider both our opportunities and obligations to amateur radio writ large while enjoying a chuckle or two, as well.

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