RBN-WSPR Daily Histograms

Panel (a) shows geomagnetic activity indices derived from ground-based magnetometer data, including the SYM-H index (black line) and Kp Index (colored stems). Panel (b) shows X-ray flux measurements made by the GOES satellites for monitoring solar flares. Panels (c) - (h) show density maps and histograms of ham radio spots/QSOs from the Reverse Beacon Network and WSPRNet. The data are located at the midpoint of the transmitter and receiver. Map bin sizes are 1˚ lat by 1˚ lon, and histogram bin sizes are 10 min by 250 km. When a user‐reported location is not available, a lookup to a public database such as http://qrz.com or http://hamcall.net is made. If location is not provided and a database lookup is not available, the spot is discarded. Click here for a detailed explanation.

Visualizations by Nathaniel Frissell, W2NAFNJIT CSTR. Kp was obtained from the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center OMNIWeb (King & Papitashvili, 2006). SYM‐H was obtained from the Kyoto World Data Center for Geomagnetism. GOES XRS measurements were retrieved from the NOAA National Center for Environmental Information (NCEI). RBN and WSPRNet data have been aggregated and provided by Bill Engelke, AB4EJUniversity of Alabama DXDisplay.

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