Results Announced: 2023 Gladstone Signal Spotting Challenge

Results Announced: 2023 Gladstone Signal Spotting Challenge

Saturday, January 6, 2024 - 17:48

HamSCI is pleased to announce the results from the inaugural running of the Gladstone Signal Spotting Challenge (GSSC). Held during the October, 14, 2023 North American annular solar eclipse, the competition was designed to recognize operators of digital mode stations who contribute valuable data to ionospheric research.  The HamSCI GSSC Score Adjudicator found over 713,500 'spots' attributable to the 68 entrants in the three databases named below - that's a lot of spots!

Receiving stations uploaded their records to sites such as, and Transmitting stations were received by stations worldwide who uploaded to those same databases, creating records of the transmitting stations’ activity.

Full results for the 2023 running of the GSSC can be found here.  

Consider entering the upcoming event on April 8, 2024!  FAQs and Rules are available here.