2023 TDOA Test Runs


This page was built to disseminate information regarding 'test runs' for the upcoming HamSCI TDOA (Time Delay of Arrival) Event.


Steve, WA5FRF will be on the air from Texas on the following dates/times, with several prearranged stations in a roundtable.
  • Other hams are welcome to join in to practice sending and receiving the waveform.
  • Those that can copy me can send me the .wav file for a quality check via email:  steve@cerwinconsulting.com
  • The documentation needed along with the recorded waveform are station location (6 digit grid square), date and time of day of the recording, and frequency.
  • Participants are encouraged to read the TDOA Operating Tips prior to the test dates.

Listen for WA5FRF, EL09nn, near San Antonio, Texas

Saturday, 23 September      Initial Run - Join the roundtable QSO - Listen or transmit chirp signals, your choice

Saturday, 7 October             Repeat Run - Last chance to work out any bugs!

1600-1615 UTC   75 meters.  3.850 MHz LSB.
1615-1630 UTC   60 meters   5.3305 MHz. (Ch1) USB or 5.3465 MHz (Ch 2) USB.
1630-1645 UTC   40 meters   7.250 MHz LSB.
1645-1700 UTC   20 meters   14.250 MHz USB.
If the listed frequencies are busy I will move up the band to the first clear frequency.


Stations that do not have propagation to Texas are encouraged to set up their own dry runs in their own regions. Of course, they do not have to adhere to these dates but they should pick a time between 1600 and 1700 UTC to get propagation conditions representative of when the eclipse will be passing over their region.