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Conference Paper
M. L. Moses, Dixit, S., Earle, G. D., Frissell, N. A., Kordella, L., Han, X., and Chitale, C., Characterizing the Ionosphere Using a Commercial Off the Shelf Software Defined Radio System, in Fall 2016 American Geophysical Union, San Francsico, 2016.
C. O. Squibb, Frissell, N. A., J. Ruohoniemi, M., Baker, J. B. H., Fiori, R., and Moses, M. L., Dayside Ionospheric Response to X-Class Solar Flare Events Observed with Reverse Beacon Network High Frequency Communication Links, in Virginia Tech REU Symposium - Poster Presentation, Blacksburg, VA, 2015.
N. A. Frissell, Perry, G., Miller, E. S., Shovkoplyas, A., Moses, M., James, H., and Yau, A., e-POP Radio Science Using Amateur Radio Transmissions, in Fall AGU - Poster Presentation, San Francisco, CA, 2015.
M. Moses, Earle, G., Frissell, N., and Kaeppler, S., Experiment Design to Assess Ionospheric Perturbations During the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse, in Fall AGU - Poster Presentation, San Francisco, CA, 2015.
N. A. Frissell, Moses, M. L., Earle, G., McGwier, R. W., Miller, E. S., Kaeppler, S. R., H. Silver, W., Ceglia, F., Pascoe, D., Sinanis, N., Smith, P., Williams, R., Shovkoplyas, A., and Gerrard, A. J., HamSCI: The Ham Radio Science Citizen Investigation, in Fall 2016 American Geophysical Union, San Francisco, 2016.
E. S. Miller, Frissell, N., Kaeppler, S., Demajistre, R., and Knuth, A., The Ionosphere's Pocket Litter: Exploiting Crowd-Sourced Observations, in Fall AGU - Oral Presentation, San Francisco, CA, 2015.
W. Liles, Mitchell, C., Cohen, M., Earle, G., Frissell, N., Kirby-Patel, K., Lukes, L., Miller, E., Moses, M., Nelson, J., and Rockway, J., On the use of solar eclipses to study the ionosphere, in 15th International Ionospheric Effects Symposium IES2017, Alexandria, VA, 2017.