Upper Level Lows and Six Meter 50 Mhz Sporadic E


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TitleUpper Level Lows and Six Meter 50 Mhz Sporadic E
Publication TypePresentation
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsDzekevich, JA, Erickson, PJ
Other NumbersDayton Hamvention 2017

Amateur radio is used to explore possible correlations between weather storm systems and sporadic E clouds to see if they are collocated. While some of the main causes of sporadic E propagation are wind shear, meteor strikes and upper atmospheric tides (ultimately coming from solar EUV energy inputs), radio operators have noticed that sporadic E propagation is also changed significantly by hurricanes and storms.  Specific cases where K1YOW used amateur radio to investigate the effects of low pressure weather storms on the formation and/or enhancement of 6 meter sporadic E clouds are presented. DX Maps and earth wide weather model charts combined with operations on 6 meters are used to examine possible correlations between the location of the sporadic E clouds and the low pressure weather storm systems.  Initial findings show a high degree of correlation when magnetic field strength is taken into consideration.

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