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A. Yost and Kazdan, D., Coherent CW: A Claude Shannon Tempest on a Tabletop, HamSCI Workshop 2023. HamSCI, Scranton, PA, 2023.
J. Derr, Sadegzadeh, S., Wolf, R., Toffoletto, F., Yang, J., and Sun, W., Field-Aligned Potential Drops in an Ionospheric Streamer, HamSCI Workshop 2023. HamSCI, Scranton, PA, 2023.
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T. Young, Ledvina, V., MacDonald, E., Brandt, L., Barkhouse, W., Schultz, A., Payne, C., Mitchell, A., Haugen, K., Shearer, W., Hartman, K., Sillitti, S., McCormack, M., and Collins, S., The North Dakota Dual Aurora Camera Version 2.0 (NoDDAC2.0), a Platform for Citizen Science and a Use Case for Implementing Best Practices in Open Data and Collaboration, HamSCI Workshop 2023. HamSCI, Scranton, PA, 2023.
S. Sami, Yadav, N., Frissell, N. A., Spalletta, R., Mulhall, D., Joshi, D. Raj, and Vierinen, J., Toward Developing an Algorithm for Separation of Transmitters of High Frequency Chirp Signals of Opportunity for the Purpose of Ionospheric Sounding, HamSCI Workshop 2023. HamSCI, Scranton, PA, 2023.
N. Yadav, Sami, S., Joshi, D. Raj, Frissell, N. A., Spalletta, R. A., Jackowitz, P. M., and Vierinen, J., Web-Based Application for the Visualization and Analysis of Ionogram Data Observed by GNU Chirpsounder2, HamSCI Workshop 2023. HamSCI, Scranton, PA, 2023.