HamSCI FoEIS Roundtable

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HamSCI Members Hold an FoEIS Roundtable: Q&A on Eclipse-Related Ham Radio Events

Watch the video and learn how you can participate as a citizen-scientist during the North American Total Eclipse, April 8, 2024

HamSCI members AF8A, W2NAF and WX2R met with curious hams on Wednesday, March 27 for a Zoom presentation on HamSCI's Festivals of Eclipse Ionospheric Science.  

Click here to view the presentation (40 minutes, on YouTube) -->  HamSCI FoEIS Zoom Roundtable

The presentation began by covering HamSCI's basis and purpose, quickly moving into why we are holding the FoEIS, how hams and SWLS can participate, what we hope to learn from the event.  Along the way, we discussed why the science behind the events is important to users of the high frequency radio spectrum - including amateur radio operators!

Learn about the FoEIS's eclipse-focused operating events: